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Michael (AKA Scath) Ref by YaminoKitsune Michael (AKA Scath) Ref by YaminoKitsune
Some of you might remember Arakno (… ). Well, if Arakno is my Marvel OC, Scàth is my DC OC.
He's an half demon (much like Raven strangely) and he ignores who his parents are. All he knew is that his father was a demon and his mother abandoned him in a Wicca covent. Here he was locked in a room 24/7 for around 14 years, which had seal on every wall to prevent his demonic father to find him; seals were also applied to the boy's arms and legs so his demonic heritage wouldn't manifest. The wiccas thaught him the mystic arts of Earth: creating potions, accomplishing rituals, enchanting gems and objects, casting spells (mostly healing ones and such).

However, as he grew, so did his hell-ish powers and the seal had to be redone continuously. Until one day, something went wrong... and the covent exploded! No one know how it happened but every wicca in the place died in the explosion.
As for Michael, he now wonders around the world, discovering and exploring.

Michael has several powers and mystic knowledge; in his human form he can: manipulate shadows and travel through them, talk with spirits and control them to an extend (both are actually necromancy). He can inverse a microsystem (example: by touching robbers, he can make so they bring money IN the bank rather than taking it away) however, the effects last for one hour top and only works on two people at the same time, and it's an exhausting power.
He can use telekinesis, levitation (a few feet above ground), flight (by morphing his cloak into wings of shadow, even if he's afraid of heights), wicca magic, and absorb the pain and the sense of death around him, granting him a boost of power (doing this is however dangerous because if he absorb too much too fast, he can lose control and turn into his demon form).
His belt contains various enchanted gems, powders, little candles and herbs, for healing, protection or even to make some light in darkness.
He's rather cheerful, an opposite of his demon form.

In his demon form, Scàth's necromancy is more powerful, allowing him to control any shadow and raise the dead. His wings are once more made of pure shadows and appear at will. His inversion power is so powerful, he can make rain go up, sun emit darkness instead of light and most impressive, make Batman scared shitless of little crimnals. His telekinesis is also increased and he has supernatural strength, speed and stamina. He can teleport in the blink of an eye and has full access to demonic magic. He can absorb death and pain to a wider range.

The problem of this form is that Michael, as said up, doesn't feel much. He doesn't care who he hurts as long as he does what he need to do. The longer he stays in that state, the harder it is to bring him back in human form.
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